"Jolene"by Dolly Parton

"Just for You" by Sarah Mootz 

"Don't think twice it's alright" Bob Dylan 

"Bad" by Lennon Stella

All my Lovers at Eddie Owens Presents by Sarah Mootz 

"Rusted Daisy" by Sarah Mootz 

"Better Now" Post Malone Cover 

"jello" by Sarah Mootz 

Writing Process for Stuck in my Head 

"All Night" written by Caylie Gregorio and Sarah Mootz 

"Talking to the Walls" by Sarah Mootz 

"Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" John Mayer

"Blue" by Sarah Mootz

"Piece of my Heart" Janis Joplin

Talking to the Walls at Eddie Owens Presents

by Sarah Mootz

"Porcelain" by Sarah Mootz 

"House of the Rising Sun" The Animals 

"Billie Jean" Micheal Jackson 

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